Avon Campaign 14 2015 What’s New Brochure Online

Avon Campaign 14 2015 What's New Brochure Online

Avon What’s New brochures also known as Avon demo books contain products for Avon Representatives to purchase prior to the official campaign start date for the Avon catalog. It is a chance for current Avon Reps to order new products, sales tools, and samples at discounted prices before the start of the campaign for Avon customers. The R price is for representatives and the PRP price is the price for Avon Representatives who are at President’s Club sales level or higher. Your sales level determines the quantity you can order of each product unless the item says otherwise (for ex: no demo limit). You can order demos for the current campaign and the upcoming 2 campaigns. You can order out of the Avon What’s New Campaign 14 2015 brochure in Avon Campaign 12 2015, 13, 14, and 15.

When you are in Avon Campaign 14 2015, you can also order out of the What’s New brochures for Avon Campaign 15 2015 and Avon Campaign 16 2015. Remember these catalogs are for Avon Representatives only. If you are interested in becoming an Avon Representative to receive special pricing on products, click here.

What’s New in Avon Campaign 14?

What’s New is all about discovering what’s in it for you…the Avon Representative! To help bring your business to the next level, What’s New catalogs feature robust special Representative programs, sample offers, customer engagement tools, selling tips, and more.

  1. Avon Color Bright Cami Pack – BE A TOP SELLER! Show each Customer the Avon Color Bright Cami Pack and tell her she gets all four colors for only $19.99…that’s only $5 per cami! Be sure to point out the chic details, like lace trim and adjustable straps. Wear your demo when you hand out the campaign 14 brochure and talk about how much you love it!Avon Color Bright Cami Pack
  2. Avon Feminine Prints Cuff Watch – TIME TO SELL! An up-to-the-minute fashion accessory, the Avon Feminine Prints Cuff Watch comes in her choice of three colors in an easy-to-wear hinge style and matches the Color Bright Cami Pack perfectly! The intro special price is only $19.99, so she saves $10 by buying in campaign 14.Avon Feminine Prints Cuff Watch
  3. Avon Naturals Energizing Green Tea & Verbena – GO NATURAL! The latest refresher from Avon Naturals, Energizing Green Tea & Verbena will be introduced as a shower gel, body lotion and body mist. And the whole Naturals line is being offered at Any 4 for $9.99 in campaign 14.
    Avon Naturals Energizing Tea & Verbena
  4. Minions and Disney Frozen Traveling Desk by Avon GOOD TO GO! Avon’s traveling desks featuring kids’ favorite
    characters, Disney Frozen (Disney©) and the Minions, are great backseat entertainers. At only $19.99 each, they’re an easy sale to any of your Customers planning a family road trip this Summer.Avon Frozen Traveling Desk
  5. Solutions Nurtura Replenishing Cream, Dramatic Firming Cream, and Banishing CreamGREAT SOLUTIONS! Her favorite problem solvers: Dramatic Firming Cream, Banishing Cream and Nurtura – only $2.99 each in campaign 14. They are the perfect way to open a door or add on a sale.Avon Nurtura Replenishing Cream

Avon Demo Limits

Demos give customers the chance to experience the scent of a fragrance, the shade of a lipstick, or the feel of a moisturizer…before they buy. Order demos and samples every campaign to support Avon brochure offers and you’ll see that demos are worth the investment. Depending on your Avon sales level, see the demo limits below:

  • All Representatives – 1 of each demo unless specified otherwise
  • President’s Club – 3 of each demo
  • Honor Society – 5 of each demo
  • Rose Circle – 10 of each demo
  • McConnell Club – 15 of each demo

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