Avon Representative Tips for Halloween
Avon Halloween Pumpkin

Hey Avon Reps! With Halloween just around the corner, how are you going to take advantage of all of the trick or treaters who visit your house? Better yet, are you going to reward your Avon customers with a special treat for the fun holiday? I wanted to share with you a few Avon tips from some fabulous Avon Representatives. I am also including files to customize and other cute ideas to include for the parents you meet Halloween night.

Avon Sales and Recruiting Tips for Halloween

  • Include an Avon catalog with a sample and the $15 recruiting bill in every trick or treater’s bag along with their candy. You know the moms will be delighted to find something just for them when they inspect the candy that night! I’m doing the Fergie Outspoken Party perfume samples and a few Anew samples too. Mix and match with whatever you have laying around! ~Leslie Reid
  • I hope everyone has ordered their samples and printed their labels (or has business cards to attach) to go into those trick or treat bags!  One other suggestion – sign up for your local Trunk or Treat at a church or school!! You just park your car in the parking lot, hand out candy and samples and watch the sales come rolling in! Keep some books handy for the moms who come through with their kids, and you can even put a bowl out for a drawing for a gift basket – I bought a plastic pumpkin shaped container (the kind kids used to trick or treat with) at Wal-Mart for a buck and have filled it with some skin so soft and a few little hand lotions and stuff and will be raffling it off at our church’s trunk or treat on Halloween. We usually have between 300-500 people come through, so I will get lots of names and contact information from this raffle. Get moving, Halloween is a great way to make money!! ~Leslie Reid
  • Use the “Just for the Mummies” labels below to encourage online orders. These labels can be used with Avery template 5160. Include this label on your regular brochures for current customers or hand out Avon brochures to trick or treaters’ parents. ~Shirl Papaian
  • Pass out the “Avon Halloween Treat for You” recruiting flyer with a piece of candy attached for parents. Give clear instructions on how someone can sign up as an Avon Representative on your team. ~Shirl Papaian
  • Use clever sayings and attach the candy bars mentioned below to look for potential recruits. I mean who can turn down chocolate? =) ~Lisa Garcia
    • Don’t let an opportunity with Avon slip through your BUTTERFINGERS! Call or text today! (Include contact info)
    • Holiday shopping at a discount when you become an Avon Representative. Wouldn’t that be GRAND? Call or text today! (Include contact info)
    • Every day could be a PAYDAY with Avon! Earn $$$ right away! Call or text today! (Include contact info)
    • Don’t SNICKER at unlimited earnings! Avon has an opportunity for you. Call or text today! (Include contact info)

Avon Flyers for Halloween

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