This article highlights a few of my best Avon selling tips for Avon Representatives to sell more Avon online. The problem with online advertising and other forms of advertising is it’s hard to measure where the sale came from unless you are using some sort of promotion code or coupon to be able to track it. When I first started promoting my Avon website in 2008, I was only getting one or maybe a few online orders a month. Now I get about 30 online orders a month and I believe it will continue to grow but it has taken A LOT of hard work and time. For the 2012-2013 sales cycle, I reached President’s Club based on online Avon sales only. It seems the blog posts and hours spent on social media marketing bring in more sales than any paid advertising, which is good and bad because it saves money but takes up more of my time.

Avon Selling Tips to Increase Online Sales

Avon Selling Tips

The biggest jump in my online Avon sales was in 2012 and what I did differently was posted blog posts a few times a month and really started utilizing social media to promote my Avon website. Here are my best online Avon selling tips and what has seemed to work well for me:

1) Put a label on the front of your Avon catalog with your name, phone number, website address, and a free shipping offer. The Avon free shipping coupon code: FS30REP has worked for a long time for free shipping over $30 so I always use that one. I also only put the 2 week time frame for my customers to order so they feel a sense of urgency and will want to order out of the next campaign too.

2) Every time a new Avon campaign starts, I create a new photo album on my Avon Facebook page. I add photos of the Avon catalog, new products, and the sales I like best for the campaign. The posts when I create an album for a new Avon campaign definitely get the most engaged viewers. It also makes it easy for me to come up with what to post during those two weeks. I just share one of the photos from that album and comment on it. I always include my website url when I create social media posts so viewers can go directly there to buy Avon online if they choose.

3) I try to post at least once a day to each social media site marketing my Avon business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Lately I have noticed my Pinterest boards are starting to rank well on Google. I can’t say I’ve seen any of my posts from any of the other social media sites lately in Google’s top 10 but the Pinterest boards are starting to show up on the front page for the keywords I’m targeting. According to, 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women and Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. See an example of my Pinterest page here:

4) One last piece of advice for selling Avon online: when you start getting online Avon orders, be sure to thank your new customers! I have started sending my online customers a new Avon catalog if they place an order with me. If one of my e-customers places an online order in January, they will get the two campaign catalogs for February. There are two great companies owned by Avon Representatives that will mail your catalogs for you at a fair price: Campaign Mailer or Consultant Depot.

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