Avon Campaign 10 Results

Avon Campaign 9Below is a copy of my newsletter for my Avon team for campaign 10 2014. To become an Avon Representative on Avon Team Momentum, please visit www.startavon.com. Enter Avon Representative Reference Code: ESEAGREN. Only $15 to start!

Amazing job on campaign 10…we submitted 88 orders for a total of $22,149 in award sales!!! As of campaign 10, we are a team of 144 representatives. Go Team Momentum!

***With Avon’s shortened sales cycle this year, you only need to average $369 per campaign (from campaigns 8 – 26) or reach $7,000 in award sales for the cycle to make President’s Club for 2015! When you are a PC member, you are guaranteed 40% commission on all full earnings items on every order no matter the size the following year and receive other great benefits! Read more about President’s Club and how to sell Avon successfully by clicking here.***

Congrats on your Achievements!

Way to go Tricia and Belita for adding new recruits in campaign 10!!! As of campaign 10, we had 2 Unit Leaders (Tricia and Holly) and 8 Unit Leader Candidates. If you would like to learn more about leadership, read below on how you can sign up new representatives online. Anyone can do it and there are great bonus opportunities! Ask me if you have questions.

***Did you know all Avon Representatives can now do online appointments? That means you can start a nationwide team by promoting the Avon opportunity online. Tell prospects to go to www.startavon.com and to enter your reference code. Your reference code is the last part of your Avon website URL. Since my Avon website URL is www.youravon.com/eseagren, my reference code is ESEAGREN. Read more details and how to promote the opportunity by clicking here.***

Current Avon Incentives and News – Get Excited!!!

Keep your business going and growing with Avon incentives and exciting news!

  • Avon Star Award Program – Be sure to log in to yourAvon.com – click on the Star Award Program pic on the upper right hand corner of the screen – then click on the Avon Star Award Program link to register! Coming soon…starting in Avon Campaign 16 2014, Avon is rolling out a program called the Avon Star Reward Program. Earn stars through sales, recruiting, and developing leaders to get rewards. You will have the opportunity to earn 7 different rewards during Avon Campaign 16 2014 – Avon Campaign 26 2014 by reaching breakthrough levels. 
  • Avon Campaign 17 and Avon Campaign 18 Store Maps – See the Avon Campaign 17 2014 and Avon Campaign 18 2014 store maps on yourAvon.com for ideas on how to increase sales and promote new products & deals in the upcoming campaign. Educate yourself and watch your sales grow with this sales aide.
  • Triple Dollars on Anew Dark Circle Corrector in Campaign 17 – Remember you will receive triple dollars in award sales for all Anew Dark Circle Corrector products billed in Avon Campaign 17 2014. Be sure to mention this great new product to all of your customers especially skincare customers.

WE ARE RAISING THE BAR – Congrats to those with Award Sales of $200 or More in Campaign 10!!!

1. Angelica C. – Houston, Texas – $551 – Sell Avon Texas

2. Theresa S. – Loves Park, Illinois – $528 – Sell Avon Illinois

3. Vernetta A. – Henderson, Nevada – $508 – Sell Avon Nevada

4. Joan P. – Waukesha, Wisconsin – $475 – Sell Avon Wisconsin

5. Cherise R. – New York, New York – $382 – Sell Avon New York

6. Sharon B. – Rockford, Illinois – $284 – Sell Avon Illinois

7. Angelene C. – Rockford, Illinois – $280 – Sell Avon Illinois

8. Yolanda D. – Ozone Park, New York – $271 – Sell Avon New York

9. Lynette I. – Davie, Florida – $264  – Sell Avon Florida

10. Rosemarie S. – Dayton, Nevada – $249 – Sell Avon Nevada

11. Tricia T. – Las Vegas, Nevada – $233 – Sell Avon Nevada

12. Leslie F. – Texarkana, Texas – $232 – Sell Avon Texas

13. Ricardo F. – Irving, Texas – $232 – Sell Avon Texas

14. Jose A. – Lake Mary, Florida – $228  – Sell Avon Florida

15. Wendy B. – Las Vegas, Nevada – $228 – Sell Avon Nevada

16. Crystal W. – Liberty, North Carolina – $214 – Sell Avon North Carolina

Welcome New Avon Representatives! We’re excited you joined us!

1. Jessica G. – Belita’s Team – Suitland, Maryland – Sell Avon Maryland

2. Guadalupe E. – San Jose, California – Sell Avon California

3. Rosemarie S. – Dayton, Nevada – Sell Avon Nevada

4. KaSandra J. – Punta Gorda, Florida – Sell Avon Florida

5. Shelly G. – Tricia’s Team – New Hope, Minnesota – Sell Avon Minnesota

July Anniversaries

Happy Avon Anniversary to Joan (23 years!!!), Jackie (5 years!), Angelene C. (3 years!), and Genise C. (1 year!) 

July Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Latavia (7/1), Martha (7/2), Karina (7/4), Briseida (7/5), Sandra (7/7), Amanda (7/8), Louis (7/10), Diana (7/10), Helen (7/10), Yazmin (7/11), Jentrell (7/11), Lynette (7/14), Ethelind (7/20), Peggy (7/25), Casandra (7/26), Shirley (7/26), and Lisa (7/31). 

Highlights of Campaigns 17, 18, and 19

See your selling guides on yourAvon.com for brochures Avon Campaign 17 2014Avon Campaign 18 2014and Avon Campaign 19 2014.
As always, let me know if you have any questions.
Emily Seagren

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