Avon Team Momentum Campaign 24 Top Leaders and Top SellersAvon Campaign 24 2014

Below is a copy of my leadership newsletter for my Avon team for campaign 24 2014. To become an Avon Representative on Avon Team Momentum, click here. Be sure to enter Avon Representative Reference Code: ESEAGREN. Only $15 to start!

As of campaign 24, we have 2 Unit Leaders and 11 Unit Leader candidates! Keep building your teams…the more team members you have, the easier it will be for you to move in title!

Avon Recruiting Flyers

1. Avon Recruiting Tear Tab Flyers – Tear tab forms are good to hang at places where people have to wait or at high traffic area locations. For example: the gym, grocery stores, laundromats, restaurants with bulletin boards, college campuses, etc.

2. Avon Catalog Recruiting Tools – Are you making the most of your Avon catalog? When I pass out an Avon catalog, I try to always offer 3 opportunities: 1) to buy from me face-to-face, 2) to shop on my Avon website, and 3) to sign up as an Avon Representative on my team. Ask permission to leave Avon brochures in retail / service locations that have waiting areas: dentist offices, doctor offices, tire stores, oil change locations, hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, etc. Here are some tools you can use when you pass out the Avon catalog to find prospective team members:

3. Avon Recruiting Tools Online – Are you taking advantage of the fact that you can build a nationwide Avon team by promoting the Avon opportunity online? Through Avon’s simple online appointment process, you can sign anyone up to sell Avon in the U.S. Thanks to this convenient tool, Avon Team Momentum currently has team members in 36 states. Here are some ideas on how to recruit Avon Representatives online: 1) Write blog posts to attract new team members, 2) share the opportunity through the Avon Social Media Center on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites, and 3) share Avon sponsored YouTube videos on your social media. Whenever sharing the Avon opportunity online, be sure to include instructions on how to sign up on your team online including your Avon reference code, a benefit of joining Avon (ex: Earn extra income by starting your own Avon business), and the cost to start (this one is optional but I like to include it so people know ahead of time and don’t have any last minute surprises). When you are talking to people who want to learn more about Avon, send them to your opportunity page (ex: https://eseagren.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity). When you have already talked to someone who knows they want to sign up on your team, send them to your lead capture page (ex: https://eseagren.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start). And when you’re promoting the opportunity on paper (ex: on business cards, on a flyer, etc.), tell them how to use your reference code (to go to www.startavon.com and enter code: ESEAGREN). Here are some flyers about finding Avon recruits online and in person:

4. Collecting Information from the People you Meet and those who Visit your Avon Website – whether you’re talking to people at the grocery store, collecting information from people visiting your website, or doing a table event at a vendor fair, it’s important to capture people’s contact information so that you can market to them in the future and to see how you can service them. A few ways you can do this is: 1) with customer contact forms (offer a gift set or do a drawing as an incentive to collect people’s info in person), 2) be sure to have the Believe in your Business and Newsletter Sign Up widgets displayed on your Avon website (if you are interested in leadership, it is very important to have the Believe in your Business widget displayed on your Avon website home page), and 3) grab a business card or put a sticky note on each Avon brochure so that when you hand it out, you can find out how to follow up with your potential Avon customer / recruit (great tip from SEUL, Sue Mazza). Always enter your customer contact forms / information in your web office and be sure the automated email program is turned on so you can automatically market to these new contacts and hopefully eventually turn them into loyal customers or team members. Here are some additional recruiting tools to use to collect customer information, use at events, and more:

Avon Recruiting Tip: If you are interested in building an Avon team, prioritize your time so that you are spending 50% on sales-based activities and 50% on recruiting activities. You are not going to build a big team, if you don’t spend any time on recruiting activities.

Avon Leadership Incentives

  • Emily’s Just for Us Leadership Incentive – Avon Campaign 23 2014 – Avon Campaign 7 2015 – I’ve extended my Just for Us leadership incentive! When you advance in title by campaign 7 2015, I am offering $100 of full earnings free Avon products of your choice! Can you imagine all of the free stuff and money you are going to earn in the next few months by building your team??? The added bonus is you are going after all of these rewards and in the meantime, giving yourself a raise. To earn Emily’s Just for Us incentive, you need to advance in title from campaign 23, 2014 – campaign 7, 2015. So if you are currently not in leadership or a Unit Leader Candidate, you need to title to Unit Leader or higher by the end of campaign 7. If you are already a Unit Leader, you need to advance to Unit Leader Plus or higher by the end of campaign 7. Your base title will be your leadership title at the beginning of campaign 23.
  • Just for Us Product and Cash Bonus Incentive – Avon Campaign 23 2014 – Avon Campaign 7 2015 – The Avon Just for Us incentive has been extended to campaign 7, 2015! This incentive is for all non-Sales Leadership Representative Candidates, Unit Leaders, and Unit Leader Plus Representatives. Add one team member during these campaigns who submits and pays on time for a first order of $100 or more and receive a product bundle valued over $100 including Anew Vitale, Luck fragrance, and Big & Daring Mascara. For each additional team member you add during this time frame who submits and pays on time for a first order of $100 or more, you will receive a $35 check.
    Avon Just for Us Incentive
  • Just for Us First Time Title Advancement Incentive – Avon Campaign 23 2014 – Avon Campaign 7 2015 – The Avon Just for Us incentive has been extended to campaign 7, 2015! This incentive is for all non-Sales Leadership Representative Candidates, Unit Leaders, Unit Leader Plus, Advanced Unit Leaders, and Executive Unit Leaders. Advance in title during this time frame for a chance to earn a big cash bonus!
    Avon Just for Us Cash Bonus Incentive

Avon Top 5 Leadership Representatives based on Unit Sales on Team Momentum in Campaign 24

1. Megan C. – Union, Kentucky – $3,971 – Sell Avon Kentucky

2. Tricia T. – Las Vegas, Nevada – $2,067 – Sell Avon Nevada

3. Heather A. – Anchorage, Alaska – $1,758 – Sell Avon Alaska

4. KaSandra J. – Punta Gorda, Florida – $1,739 – Sell Avon Florida

5. Sophia L. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – $994 – Sell Avon Pennsylvania

Who wants the “View from the Top” book? When you reach Unit Leader, I will send you your FREE copy! Remember to make Unit Leader, you need all 3 of these things to happen in the same campaign: 1) $1200 in total unit sales (including your personal sales and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd gen sales), 2) 3 1st gen orders, and 3) personal sales of at least $200.

Avon Top 4 Leadership Representatives based on Registered Recruits (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations) on Team Momentum in Campaign 24

1. KaSandra J. – Punta Gorda, Florida – 17 – Sell Avon Florida

2. Tricia T. – Las Vegas, Nevada – 10 – Sell Avon Nevada

3. Leslie F. – Texarkana, Texas – 4 – Sell Avon Texas

4. Sophia L. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2 – Sell Avon Pennsylvania

5. Genise C. – Rockford, Illinois – 2 – Sell Avon Illinois

Yahoo…keep recruiting and building your team! In order for your registered recruits to count as successful reps, they must place a $50 order and pay for it on time. That’s why it’s super important to help your reps succeed once they sign up with you. Getting them to sign up is only half the battle!

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As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Emily Seagren

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