The Best Skin Regime To Prepare Your Skin For Makeup by Guest Blogger, Naomi Shaw

If you merely apply makeup to your skin without much thought for preparation, you risk your makeup making you look older or just not accentuating your features in the best way. Here are some important tips to ensure a glowing, vibrant complexion – for you and women out there you will be advising on beauty.

Best Skin Regime to Prep for Makeup

Clean Up!   

You should cleanse your face well. Cleansing ensures that your skin is free of impurities. When your skin is squeaky clean, it will look and feel more fresh. When washing your face, use lukewarm water, which will remove more dirt and a use a cream cleanser, which will help hydrate your skin. Remember to apply toner. This product cleanses your skin if there is still dirt or dust present after you’ve used cleansed your skin.

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Apply Serum

Before you reach for the moisturizer, apply a serum to your skin. Serums are filled with nutrients that make your skin healthier and look gorgeous. Then, you can apply a moisturizer to make your skin smooth and keep it hydrated. Serums and moisturizers are essential because they help you soften your skin and the make it look plump and healthy. If you are using a skin-lightening cream, make sure it’s naturally-based, as it will be filled with nourishing ingredients to moisturize your skin and make it glow.

If your skin is dry and cracked, this will highlight any fine lines and wrinkles, and no amount of makeup will make your skin look bright and youthful. Moisturizer will also make your foundation go on smoother and hide any flaws, such as pimples, more effectively.

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Don’t Forget the Eye Cream!

You moisturize your face, but what about the delicate skin around your eyes? Even women in their 20s should be using an eye cream daily to nourish and protect this area that’s more prone to wrinkles and dullness. Always apply an eye cream before applying foundation or concealer. This allows for smoother application and better coverage.

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Exfoliate Weekly

Exfoliate your Skin

Cleansing your skin twice a day is essential, but don’t forget to exfoliate. This is important to prevent dry skin from accumulating which blocks skincare products from penetrating your skin. Dry skin also makes your skin look dull because it prevents the light from being reflected, so if you apply makeup onto it, your skin will lack vibrancy. Make sure you exfoliate once a week to eliminate dead skin and make your face glow.

Prepare Your Lips

Dry, cracked lips are never attractive! You should gently exfoliate the skin on your lips to ensure that it remains smooth and hydrated. You can easily do this by gently pressing a warm toothbrush around your lips in circular motions to get rid of flaky skin. Finish off with lip balm to seal in the softness. Then apply your gorgeous lipstick color. This season is all about bold lipstick shades, ladies, which makes it even more essential for lips to be smooth and sexy.

Face Primer

Put on a Primer

Primer is an important step in your skincare routine before applying makeup. It should be applied after moisturizer and it will help your makeup “stick” to your skin, giving you greater coverage for longer time. Primer also seeps into any fine lines and pores, making them less visible. You can also use primer if your face is prone to redness or acne as it will help to conceal these conditions. However, in such cases, you should choose a primer that has a green hue to balance the red. You should also use a primer product for your eyelids, which will be applied before eye shadow, to prevent creasing and maintain the beauty of your eye makeup all day long.

There’s no doubt that makeup accentuates your features, but it requires a canvas of healthy, gorgeous skin before it can work its magic. Follow the above tips to stay up-to-date on how to achieve skin that glows with natural beauty.

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