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Interested in creating a blog to drive more traffic to your Avon website and sell more Avon online but not sure where to start? This article will cover some of the basics of how to create a blog for your Avon business. So what is a blog? According to Wikipedia, a blog is “A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.”

How can a Blog Help you Sell More Avon Online?

Avon provides every representative in the United States with their own personal website. The website provided to us is what some would call a “cookie cutter” website meaning all sites look identical. So here’s my question to you: how are potential customers going to find you in search engines like Google and Yahoo if your Avon website is the same as so many other websites? In 2011, there were 420,000 active Avon Representatives in North America. (Source: Customizing your website will help you differentiate yourself from those hundreds of thousands of other Avon Representatives and help your website become easier to find for potential Avon eCustomers.

Building a blog is one way to customize your Avon website. By writing blog posts on your Avon website, you are building links to your Avon website which will be indexed by search engines. What does that mean? Customers who are searching for the topic you are writing about will go to your website and hopefully make a purchase from your online Avon store.

Basics of Writing a Blog – How to Sell Avon Online

  • Pick a Topic – Don’t let writer’s block get the best of you. With Avon, there is always news to share whether it be a product launch, new sales, or the start of the next campaign. This is good news for us bloggers because we will never run out of writing material. What is the purpose of your blog post? Decide if you are trying to get more online sales or you want to recruit new team members. Then pick a topic on a product, a sale, or recruiting. 
  • Do your Research – Once you decide what you want to write about, find out how customers are searching for your topic. I like to use the free Google Keyword Tool or WordTracker. Type in your keyword to see how many people are searching and how they are searching for your topic. Another way to find out how people are searching for your topic is to do the search yourself on Google on your topic. At the bottom of the first page of results, there will be links listed under “Searches Related to…” Pick 1 – 3 keywords related to your topic to use in your post.
  • Blogging on – If you haven’t started your blog yet on your Avon website, there’s no better time than now. Once you are logged in, go to your Web Office. Under the Personal Website tab on the far right – choose Blog Manager – then New Post and you are ready to start writing your Avon blog. Even though the Avon blog is somewhat limited in functionality, it is where your online customers will be able to shop so it’s a good idea to keep fresh content on there. In my opinion, the more clicks your customer has to make to shop your online Avon storethe more likely they may change their minds and not make a purchase. If you decide to create a blog outside of your Avon website, I would also try to create posts on your Avon blog.
  • Be Informative – When creating blog posts, provide facts and useful information rather than just your opinion. Try to repeat your keyword(s) at least 3 times throughout the article but make sure your sentences are natural to read for readers and not just created for search engine optimization.
  • Share on Social Media – Be sure to get in the habit of sharing your blog post URL on all of your social media profiles after you have published it. The whole purpose of creating the blog is to get more traffic to your website so be proud of your work and share it with the online world!

Watch this video for more ideas on writing blog posts to market your Avon business.

Feel free to check out my Avon Representative blog for ideas. For more free marketing and Avon selling tips, follow me on Facebook: Makeup Marketing Online.

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