Who’s ready for an End of Summer Challenge? I am putting this out there for anyone on Avon Team Momentum! Learn more about joining our Avon team!

Emily’s Jump Start Challenge – Achieve by C-20 and Give Yourself a Raise Before Christmas

What: Advance in Leadership Title by Campaign 20 and Pick out your Choice of $100 in Free Avon Products (full earnings items only) 
  • Example #1: if you are untitled in leadership – advance to Unit Leader by c-20 to earn
  • Example #2: if you are a Unit Leader – advance to Unit Leader Plus by c-20 to earn
When: You have from now until Avon Campaign 20 to advance in title. I will ship out the products after the close of Avon Campaign 20.
Why: $100 worth of FREE Avon Products – use the free products for demos, give them away as gifts, treat yourself, do whatever you’d like with them. I will reward this to as many people who advance in title. You title, you earn! This is in addition to Avon corporate incentives. Not to mention…when you title, you are giving yourself a raise. Did you know some of the top leadership reps with Avon earn 6 figures a year? Who wants to make that their goal with me? Let’s do this together!!! 

How: Who doesn’t need more money around Christmas time? Now is a great time to get your recruiting on. School is starting back up, people have a little more free time, and everyone is looking for ways to make more money.

  • Talk to 3 or more people per day about the Avon Opportunity (in person and online). To keep track of how many people you talk to, put the goal number of people you’d like to talk to as an amount of pennies in your left pocket in the morning. As you talk to people throughout the day, move one penny at a time over to the other pocket. When all of your pennies are in your right pocket, you’ll know you met your goal for the day. The more you ask, the better outcome you will have. (Tip from Sue Mazza, SEUL)
  • Present the buying opportunity and the selling opportunity to everyone you talk to about Avon. Most of us get in a good habit of being great sales reps but we forget to incorporate the selling opportunity to all of these people we come across. Don’t leave money on the table! You never know who might be interested in signing up on your team.
  • Staple the $15 recruiting bill to every catalog you hand out. I have attached it here so you can customize it for yourself. If you have questions about how to do the online appointment, let me know. AVON- Fifteen Dollar Bill Recruiting Flyer
  • Put a label about the Avon opportunity on the front of every Avon catalog you hand out. I have also attached labels for you to customize. Sell Avon Book Labels
  • Customize the tear off tab flyer and hang it in public places in your local area. Great places to leave books too! Anywhere people have to wait around and may feel like browsing through a book. Ex: laundromats, work out facilities, bowling alleys, hair salons, nail salons, doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, restaurants, grocery stores, tanning beds, senior citizen living centers, etc. Avon So Easy To Love Pull off Recruiting Flyer
  • Holiday time is a great time to set up at events or host your own. Craft fairs usually have a low entrance fee and are a great place to get in front of a large audience. Try hosting home parties or book parties. Give your hostess a percentage of total sales in free products. So if your party hostess sells $400 in products with the party, give your hostess say 20% or $80 in free products. A $400 sales level would give you 35% commission which would cost you $52 to offer $80 in free products leaving you still $88 in profit. Try hosting one party a week to earn great part-time income for the month and introduce the Avon opportunity to several new people all at one time.
  • Social Media Center and Online Appointments – use the new social media center to advertise the Avon opportunity and promote the online appointment to friends, family, and acquaintances. I have attached a flyer on more info on the online appointment. You can also check out this article for ideas on promoting online: http://www.makeupmarketingonline.com/avon-online-appointments-open-everyone/
  • Buy Avon materials to promote the opportunity – Check out Town & Country for materials like yard signs, car signs, and more: http://www.townandcountryprinting.com/avonshop.html. You can also promote the Avon opportunity on your email signatures, business cards, and try-it kits. Leave business cards with employees you meet at restaurants, gas stations, banks, fast food places, etc. Think about how many people you meet when running errands. Incorporate your Avon business with your personal life and it will feel less like work.
Let’s see how many leaders we can have on Team Momentum by C-20. Let me know if you’d like to participate and I will help with your personalized goal setting!!! Let’s all start making more money starting now!
Happy Recruiting!

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