How to Motivate New Avon Representatives

Tips for Motivating New Avon Representatives

  1. Communicate frequently with your team. I send out weekly communications to my Avon team with recognition, tips, ideas, and tools. Many times I’ll send more than 1 email per week especially to my newest Avon Representatives. The more you communicate with your team, the more comfortable they will feel reaching out to you.
  2. Communicate with your team members by their preferred method of contact. I give my team the options of contacting me by phone (text or call), by email, and even through Facebook messaging. People all communicate differently and their comfort levels will change depending on how you communicate with them.
  3. Provide your new Avon Representatives support through training, informing, and inspiring. Try to encourage them instead of managing them. You can only provide so much support…they have to want to be successful Avon Representatives for themselves.
  4. Use Avon incentives to get your team excited about building their business in the beginning. Right now I use the Hit $100 Challenge incentive to recognize top new achievers and to promote the idea of turning in big orders in their first few campaigns. I recognize the achievers through group emails and also do one-on-one tracking emails so new Avon Reps know their specific goals and deadlines.
  5. Inform new Avon Representatives about the programs designed for achieving success in the beginning and throughout their career (new Representative incentives, the Daily Care Collection, leadership incentives, and President’s Club program).
  6. Reward new Avon Reps for their hard work. Every time I send out a recognition email to my new team members, I show the top achievers appreciation by offering them my Makeup Marketing Online training for free. It’s a way to help them feel special and gain useful knowledge early on in their Avon career. You could also use this idea with rewards such as gift cards ($5 – $10 cards to Starbucks, Target, or Walmart), free products (Avon, of course), promotional items (logo branded items from Town & Country), or motivational books (View from the Top books make great gifts).

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