How to Sell Avon

How to Sell Avon

If you are looking for information on how to sell Avon, you have come to the right place. For those of you who are trying to figure out how to sell Avon, follow these 3 simple steps and in less than 15 minutes you could become an Avon representative:

1. Go to

2. Enter Avon reference code: ESEAGREN and click continue.

3. Fill out the online form, agree to the terms & conditions of becoming an Independent Avon Sales Representative, and pay your $15 appointment fee.

You will then be assigned an Avon account number so that you can start your online training and find out how to sell Avon successfully.

Click here to sign up now to sell Avon – use reference code: ESEAGREN.

How to Sell Avon Online

If you want to become an Avon representative and would like to know how to sell Avon online only, you would follow the same steps as someone who wants to sell Avon door-to-door. Follow the 3 steps at the top of this page. It is your business and you have the freedom to choose how you want to sell Avon, whether you want to sell Avon online only, you want to be a traditional representative, or you want to do a combination of the two.

Once you have completed the online appointment and paid your appointment fee, you will be granted access to, the Avon website for representatives. When you log in for the first time, you will be given the option to set up your own personal Avon website. With Avon’s One Simple Fee program, you are no longer charged any extra fees for having an Avon website so you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to have an online presence. One of the first steps you should take after setting up your Avon website is to complete the training courses on on how to sell Avon online including eRepresentative Web Office Tour and eRepresentative Order Management. Log in to your account on – click on Training – Beauty of Knowledge – Training Courses – New Representative – then choose one of the courses on being an eRepresentative. These courses are designed to show you how to sell Avon online.

With direct delivery orders on your own personal Avon website, you have the opportunity to make 20% commission. As a member of the President’s Club, you can earn an additional 5% commission on all direct delivery orders for being a top seller. That means you have the opportunity to earn up to 25% on your web orders!

How old do you have to be to Sell Avon?

How old do you have to be to sell Avon or Mark? In order to become an Avon representative or Mark Representative, you must be 18 or older.

How much does it cost to Sell Avon?

How much does it cost to sell Avon? The sign up fee to become an Avon representative online is $15. Your appointment fee includes your start up kit which contains 20 Avon brochures (10 for each of your first two campaigns), 5 Mark magalogs, samples, training, and reference materials. After you become an Avon representative, you are responsible for buying your own Avon brochures and sales tools. Avon brochures start at the price of $6.49 for a pack of 10 and get less expensive per brochure the more you buy. The only other fees associated with being an Avon Representative is your One Simple Fee. The One Simple Fee is charged for every campaign order you place and ranges from $5.95 to $14.95 based on the size of your order. The One Simple Fee includes your shipping and handling and your own personal Avon website. You can help recover the cost of your One Simple Fee by adding the 0.75 cent order processing fee to each customer order you collect.

Go to and enter reference code: ESEAGREN to start selling Avon now. 

Click here to sign up now to sell Avon – use reference code: ESEAGREN.

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