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Getting website traffic to your Avon website is only half the battle. How do you turn website visitors into online customers and recruits? We all know having a lot of website traffic is a good thing but it doesn’t help you make any more money unless those visitors are placing orders or signing up on your team. There are a few things you can do to encourage those who are browsing your website to take action and place an online order or sign up to become an Avon Representative on your team.

Emily’s Avon Marketing Tips to Increase Sales and Recruits Online

So you’ve installed StatCounter or Google Analytics to track your Avon website visitor traffic but you still aren’t getting online orders or new team members. It can be frustrating but don’t give up! Celebrate your little accomplishments and look back at how far you’ve come over time. Be proud of your progress and keep moving forward by increasing your sales and building your team. Check out these quick tips on boosting your conversion rates:

  • Avon eStore Widgets – Customize your eStore so you have both the eNewsletter sign up widget and “Believe in your Business” widget on your home page. Both of these widgets encourage browsers to submit their contact information so you can continuously market to them as either a customer or potential recruit. Select these widgets in your web office – under eStore – edit eStore.
  • Avon Survey Cards – Use Avon survey cards to collect contact information from anyone you talk to about your Avon business. These are great tools to use especially when working at events, job fairs, or setting up tables. Try offering a giveaway (ex: a Naturals bundle) and use the survey cards as their raffle entries. Even if those who fill out their information do not become your customer or rep that day…it doesn’t mean they won’t ever want to in the future. This way you have their information so you can follow up with them at a later date. With permission, you may want to add them to your web office (make sure your Automated Email Program is turned on) or send them a catalog (check out Campaign Mailer or Consultant Depot if you don’t have time to mail or deliver the books yourself) to continue marketing to them after the event or meeting. Here is an example of the customer survey card: Avon Customer Survey Card
  • Automated Email Program – Do not be scared of turning on your Automated Email Program! I recommend turning on both the promotional and campaign emails. If you have not done this yet and are still hesitant, at least turn on the campaign emails…you will not regret it. The automation of Avon’s email marketing program will definitely give your online sales a boost with its consistency and special promotions offered in the professionally designed emails. If some customers complain about too many emails, they can either unsubscribe themselves or you can do it for them and move on. Turn on your Automated Email Program in your web office under eStore – personalization tool – customer preferences – automated email programs.
  • Customize your eStore – One way to boost your placement in the search engines like Google and Yahoo is to consistently have fresh content and update your information often. Since our eStores switch to a new campaign every other week just like the Avon catalog, try customizing your home page with an image, hyperlinks, and helpful information (like a coupon code, campaign dates, and how to become an Avon Rep on your team). Watch this YouTube video on how to customize your Avon website: Sell More Avon Online by Customizing your Website
  • Use RepId Specific Hyperlinks on Blog Posts and Social Media – Be careful which links you share on the Internet to try to find new customers. Use the links and images via the social media share buttons on product pages or directly from the Social Media Center on This will ensure visitors are going to your personal Avon website, not the generic where they shop without a preferred representative.
  • Using the Right Link for Recruiting Avon Representatives Online – Whenever you promote the Avon opportunity whether it’s on paper or online, there are different ways to tell someone how to sign up. Did you know every Avon Representative has an opportunity page whether they have signed up their first recruit or not? That means you have a landing page you can send people to who are interested in learning more about becoming an Avon Representative that is specific to your Avon website. Here is my rule of thumb for which link to use and when: 1) to promote the opportunity on paper (marketing flyers, business cards, labels, etc.) I use these instructions: go to and use reference code: ESEAGREN (your reference code is the the part after – the last part of your Avon website URL), 2) to market the opportunity on social media, in a blog post, or anywhere else online where they may want to click to get more info, I send them to (this page will tell them more about becoming an Avon rep and they can submit their information if they would like to learn even more), and 3) finally if I’m sending the link to someone I know is ready to sign up, I use this format: (this lead capture page will have your reference code pre-filled and will allow the visitor to submit their information and complete the online appointment if they are ready).

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