Make More Money with Avon Leadership

Are you a current Avon Representative? If so, do you know what it means when people talk about the Avon leadership earnings opportunity? Taking part in Avon’s leadership program means: 1) you find people who want or need to make some extra money, 2) sign them up to sell Avon, and 3) provide leadership, tips, and guidance for how to sell Avon and earn money with Avon.Make More Money with Avon Leadership

You may think that Avon places a lot of importance on recruiting and starting your own Avon team and you’re right! There is good reason for this: leadership is probably the biggest area of earnings opportunity with Avon and if that’s where the money is…isn’t that where you would like to be? Some Avon Representatives get upset that so much importance has been placed on the leadership opportunity and do not want to be a part of it, which is fine, but if this is the biggest opportunity for growth and earning a lot of money…why miss out? In my opinion, the most important skills you need as a leader with Avon are: 1) confidence, 2) access to where to find answers for your team, and 3) encouragement. I, myself, have learned so much by becoming an Avon leader and it has pushed me to learn more about myself and my Avon business. I have also found it to be one of the most emotionally rewarding parts of the business through helping others and teaching my team members how to become successful Avon Representatives.

Why Join Avon Leadership?

Avon leadership (team-building) has great earnings and incentive opportunities. In 2014, I’ve earned an iPad Air, a Keurig Brewing System, a year’s supply of coffee, an Avon-branded popcorn machine, a flat screen television, and some expenses paid for an Avon leadership conference in Orlando just for helping others start their own Avon businesses. I’ve also doubled by leadership paycheck in a year’s time by continuously adding new Avon team members and encouraging some of my top performers to start their own Avon teams.

Just look at some of Avon’s top leaders and how pursuing leadership has paid off for them. If you sell Avon and you’ve never heard of Lisa Wilber…then you probably haven’t been selling Avon very long. Lisa Wilber is one of Avon’s top earning Senior Executive Unit Leaders. She openly shares her earnings amounts with other Avon Representatives as inspiration on why to join Avon leadership. In 2012, she posted one of her leadership checks for almost $12,000 for 2 weeks of work and had year-to-date leadership earnings of almost $247,000 by the end of the selling year. Holy moly…wouldn’t you like to take home a paycheck that large every 2 weeks?   

If you are new to Avon and saying “how can I answer people’s questions,” that’s where your upline (the person who signed you up to become an Avon Representative) comes in to help. The people that sign up under you are also under your upline and can go to you for their questions, your upline, their district manager, and Avon customer service. So don’t feel like you have to be the perfect Avon Rep before you start your own team. In my opinion, we all learn when we push ourselves to grow our teams and step outside of our own comfort zones.

Avon Jump Start Program and Avon Leadership Levels

  • Did you know all Avon Representatives can sign others up to sell Avon via the online appointment process? Every Avon Rep has their own unique Avon Representative Reference Code. Since my Avon website address is, my Reference Code is: ESEAGREN. The biggest differences between the online appointment and the face-to-face appointment are: 1) online appointments no longer get a credit limit and 2) when someone signs up online on your team, Avon automatically ships them their starter kit.
  • When you sign someone up to sell Avon and help them place their first order of $50 or more and pay for it on time, you will be sent a $25 bonus check! The number of $25 checks you can earn are unlimited until you reach Advanced Unit Leader.
  • With the Jump Start program, you are eligible to earn bonuses up to $8,800, receive up to 20 Avon Representative leads, and gain up to 25 Nested Avon Representatives (current Avon Reps who do not have a leader / upline) in your first 60 campaigns as an Avon Representative!
  • If you achieve Unit Leader within 6 campaigns of your campaign of appointment, you will receive a $100 bonus. Reach Senior Executive Unit Leader within 60 campaigns and receive a $5,000 bonus plus 10 nested reps! See the Jump Start guide for details and specific rules.
  • Did you know there are 6 earnings levels of Avon leadership? Each level of leadership has its own requirements for: 1) personal sales, 2) 1st generation order count, 3) 1st generation titled leaders (at Unit Leader Plus and above), and 4) total unit sales (including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation).
  • Once you achieve and maintain your title of Unit Leader (the first level of leadership), you will begin earning a check every 2 weeks based on a percentage of your team’s unit sales. Beginning with Unit Leader, you have the opportunity to earn up to 3% on your team’s sales. And once you achieve National Senior Executive Unit Leader (the highest level of leadership), you have the opportunity to earn up to 10% of your team’s sales!

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