I’ve just returned from a 3-day, 2-night all expense paid trip to Disney World from Avon’s “Catch the Magic” incentive! If you have never been on an Avon trip, you have to experience one! I IMG_5080absolutely love Avon incentives and it is one of the major motivators for me and my Avon business. In fact every time I go to an Avon event or earn an Avon incentive, I feel excited about my business all over again like I’m a new representative.

The 2013-14 sales cycle has been an exciting time for incentives! Having earned a trip to Las Vegas, a new Keurig Brewing System with coffee for a year, an iPad Air with Retina Display, and a Disney trip, I feel so grateful to be a part of this amazing company. With each and every Avon incentive comes an opportunity to not only grow our businesses but be handsomely rewarded for it.

I started selling Avon in 2008 and look how far I’ve come in just six years! I’ve earned a cruise to the Bahamas, a cruise to Alaska, a trip to Punta Cana, Hawaii, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Orlando. It hasn’t been easy but I work extremely hard for it and in return, have been extremely blessed.

This past year I really started to focus on leadership and I have my heart set on SEUL. To earn the most from your Avon business, I really feel your best bet is to maximize sales and build a strong leadership business. If you only focus on sales, you miss out on huge bonus and incentive opportunities. The leadership check may not cut it at Unit Leader level but I know that in the long run all of this hard work will pay off!

Make the Most of your Avon Business

With hardly any spare time to read, I took advantage of my flight time to Disney to read, A View from the Top. This book is an amazing collection of personal stories and tips from some of Avon’s top leaders of how they started out and many grew to be million dollar producers. Many of these stories were similar to fairy tales where they had rough beginnings, experienced hardships but persevered and made their dreams come true. What an inspiration for those of us aspiring to be one of those Senior Executive Unit Leaders!

Often times it seems we get caught up in our daily grind and become so overwhelmed with tasks, we forget to dream big and use our imaginations. As I read through the stories, I saw many commonalities among them and started to brainstorm for my own Avon business. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your Avon business (a mixture of my own ideas and takeaways from the book):

1. Find your Niche – What are you good at when it comes to your Avon business? Become an expert at what you do best and others will want to learn from you. I discovered early on that my talent was online marketing. Even in my first year with Avon, I had not reached President’s Club but was asked to attend the recognition dinner to answer questions about the web office. From online award sales of $2,700 in 2008 to  almost $14,000 in 2013, I continue to find new ways to build my online business with new eCustomers and recruits.

2. Share your Knowledge and Results – A few years back when other representatives would approach me on how to sell Avon online, I was close minded and didn’t see the value in helping others. Now I see the importance of sharing my knowledge. In return, I have experienced nothing but growth in myself and my Avon business just from offering tips and advice to others. Establish yourself first to figure out what you are good at before acting as an expert. When I decided I wanted to grow my leadership business and developed Makeup Marketing Online, my team grew from 37 representatives in C-1 2013 to 130 representatives at the end of 2013. This was a huge accomplishment considering my team was stuck at 30 – 40 representatives for several years. Also, be sure to share your accomplishments. If I told you I can teach you how to sell Avon and I wasn’t even an Avon Representative, would you believe me? Sharing your success makes you a more credible source.

3. Network with other Avon Representatives – Early on in my Avon career, I recognized the importance of social media. I started a group on LinkedIn called Selling Avon in 2009 for Avon Representatives to share ideas. At the time, there wasn’t a large, established group for Avon Representatives on LinkedIn and I thought it was a great platform to network with other reps. Now the group has grown to over 4,000 members. Many of you ask, “why would I want to follow other Avon Representatives?” Of course you aren’t going to buy from them but someone else’s marketing techniques may help you be more creative and give you new ideas. I don’t recommend copying what another representative is doing but looking around for ideas never hurt anyone. Plus the extra traffic from other representatives to your social media and websites will help your search engine ranking. If you come across a negative rep who tries to steal your thunder by commenting on your work, just delete it, ignore it, and move on. I’m over getting upset about other reps. After finding out a few were plagiarizing my articles a couple of years ago, I decided to just let it go. I now find it’s best to use the negative energy from others to fuel my drive to succeed.

4. Get Inspired from Top Sellers and Leaders – We all want to be Senior Executive Unit Leaders selling at Inner Circle level, right? What better way to learn what to do than to follow those who are already doing it? Whether it be reading books written by SEULs, connecting with top representatives on Facebook, attending seminars, webinars, or other training sessions, find those reps who are at the level you want to be at and learn from them. You can find a list of the top leaders on yourAvon.com under Sales Leadership – Recognition – Campaign Recognition. Top sellers might be a little harder to find but you can at least connect with those top sellers who are in your district and division. On yourAvon.com, click on on Community – My District – Recognition then Our Division – Recognition to see divisional stats.

5. Set Goals, Plan, and get Organized – We all know that those that give up do not accomplish much of anything. When you read, A View from the Top, it becomes very obvious that one thing these inspiring men and women are not is quitters. They set goals, they came upon obstacles, but they kept moving forward with their dreams. All of us have bad days and times we feel like giving up but that will not move us closer to our goals. Try new things, figure out what works for you, and then stick with it. And the bigger your Avon business becomes, the more important you will find it is to plan out your time and stay organized. There is no formula for success but one thing is for sure, hard work pays off in this business.

Whatever you do…Make your Avon Story Magical!

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