Are you Making More Money Every Year as an Avon Representative?

Are you Making More Money Every Year as an Avon Representative?

If you’ve watched any of my other videos or read some of my blog posts on tracking performance, you know how important I feel it is to track your progress in your Avon business. The only person you need to be comparing yourself to is you! If you are always improving and increasing over your own personal sales, your online sales, and your team sales from prior years…you are ensuring that you give yourself a raise every year. One of the most beautiful benefits of being your own boss with Avon is you determine the size of your paycheck and how much money you bring home. The more efficient you become at running a successful direct sales business as an Avon Representative, the larger your paycheck will get over time. Here is an Excel comparison spreadsheet for you to use in your own Avon business to track your progress in online sales, personal sales, and leadership on a campaign, monthly, and yearly basis.

Emily Seagren’s Avon Performance Tracking Comparison Spreadsheet 

Watch this video to see how I use the above spreadsheet to track 3 key areas of my Avon business and make sure I am making more money every year as an Avon Representative!

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