New Avon Representative Tips, Tools, and Helpful Information

Congrats on your new Avon biz! I’m so excited you joined us.

I’m Emily! I’ve been selling Avon for 12 years and love it. I have a team of about 1,300 reps all across the U.S and we sell over $2.5 million worth of Avon per year!

I can’t tell you how important training and learning is at the beginning of building a business. Be sure to absorb as much information as you can to ensure your success.

3 Steps to Get your Avon Business Started:

  1. Register your Avon account on
  2. Start your Avon University training.
  3. Set up your Avon website.

Watch this webinar to learn how to be successful. In this exciting incentive, you have the opportunity to earn $3,250 over the next 8 campaigns. Watch the video here:

Here are the handouts if you’d like to print them out and take notes:
New Avon Rep Tips – Earn up to $3,250 in 4 Months Slides Handout

Destination Avon Incentive

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NEW! Avon President’s Recognition Program Updates
Placing your First Avon Order Supporting Guides
Helpful Business Services for Getting your Avon Business Started

Hot Tip: You may want to open a new bank account to keep your Avon money separate from your personal money. You’ll always want to collect payment upfront when collecting orders.

Avon Templates

Avon Campaign 5, 6 & 7 2020
How to Sell Avon Successfully
Think about how you can promote your business every day:

  • Wear Avon products wherever you go. When someone compliments your jewelry, purse, makeup, skin …whatever it may be, it could lead to a new customer or a new team member
  • Give out samples. When your customers experience the products for themselves, they won’t be able to say no!
  • Always follow up. Make sure you keep track of who you’ve reached out to, who you’ve given brochures and samples to, even who you’ve sent your eStore link to — that way you can turn a follow-up conversation into an order.
Helpful Avon Sales Tools for New Reps:
New Avon Representative Worksheets – You may want to buy a binder to keep all of your training materials and worksheets in. Here are some of your tools to get started:

Grow your Avon Team with Free Sign Up

Here is some helpful information on starting your Avon team!
  1. How to Share the Avon Opportunity
  2. How to Customize your Outreach Message
  3. Display in Search Results on Sell Avon

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