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Megan Curd signed up to sell Avon on Team Momentum in August 2014. She services Union, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. Before becoming an Avon Representative, Megan was a paralegal up until a few years ago when she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. She needed to find a work from home job so she could add income to their family of 8 (yes 8!), as well as have the ability to get involved with all of her kids’ extra-curricular activities.

To become an Avon Representative on Megan’s team, follow these 2 steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter Avon Representative Reference Code: MCURD

Avon Representative, Megan Curd

Why did you start selling Avon?

Megan researched many direct sales companies before becoming an Avon Representative. She found Avon to be the best fit for many reasons including:

1. Great Avon Products – Avon has great products that appeal to everyone!

2. Low Start-up Cost – Avon has one of the lowest start-up costs of any direct sales company out there. For only $15, you can start an Avon business.

3. Free Training and Support – The quality of free training and support Avon provides is unsurpassed.

4. Avon Incentives and Rewards – Avon Representatives may not earn a pink car, but there are so many other great rewards and incentives Avon offers for its representatives. These rewards include the opportunity to earn an all-expense paid trip annually, various high-tech gifts like iPads, laptops, etc., cash bonuses, and much more!

5. Great Earnings Opportunities – Did you know all Avon Representatives are given their own personal Avon website at no extra cost? This is one of the many perks of signing up to sell Avon in today’s technology-driven economy. As an Avon Representative, you also have the opportunity to earn unlimited income based on a “the more you sell, the more you earn” commission structure, as well as the opportunity to grow your own Avon team through Avon’s leadership program.

What has made you a successful Avon Representative so far?

Megan has only been selling Avon for a short time but that hasn’t stopped her from being a successful Avon Representative so far. She just placed her 4th Avon campaign order and it was over $1500! She’s currently leading her district in sales, as well as recruits for new representatives. She’s on track to make Avon President’s Club in just 12 weeks! Megan continuously works hard on reaching her goal of making President’s Club, as well as growing her Avon team. She not only sells Avon face-to-face but she’s also very active in promoting Avon online sales. Megan utilizes vendor events, charity events, fundraisers and Avon parties to help grow her Avon business and team.

What do you love about your Avon business?

What Megan loves most about being an Avon Representative is that the business is all HERS! She loves that she can work it how she wants and as much or as little as she wants. Her success is a direct reflection of how hard she works. Megan also loves that it is her business but she’s not alone in building it. Everyone at Avon –Avon customer service, her upline, managers and even other Avon reps are so very helpful and ready to answer any of her questions. Everyone at Avon wants to see you succeed as much as you want to succeed! Your Time, Your Terms, Your Future!

What are your favorite Avon products?

How can you just pick a few favorite Avon products? Megan did not use Avon products until she became an Avon Rep. She had always thought of Avon as products for her grandma. She was completely wrong! Every product from makeup to skin care to shampoo and conditioners, Megan now uses. Her new favorites are Avon Luck for Him & Her, Anew Vitale and the 7-in-1 Avon Gel Nail Polish! Megan’s kids’ favorite products are the roll-on body paint and the chapsticks; she is happy they are so affordable because her Avon inventory seems to be always missing quite a few of both.

What are your short-term goals with Avon? 

Megan started selling Avon in Campaign 20 2014 with the goal to reach President’s Club by Campaign 26. She’s right on track to reach this goal and can’t wait to achieve it! Her goal for 2015 is to keep her sales high and earnings above 40% each campaign, as well as grow her Avon team by two members each month.

What are your dreams with Avon?

Megan’s dream is: 1) to continue as an Avon Representative allowing her to work from home as a stay-at-home mom and 2) for Avon to play a large part in financially supporting her family. Megan plans to achieve this dream by dedicating the majority of her time in 2015 to growing her team. She will however still devote time to growing her customer base. She plans to utilize tactics such as marketing Avon online, vendor events, charity events, fundraisers and Avon Parties to increase her earnings. The more avenues you utilize, the more people you reach and the more money you will make as an Avon Representative!

What activities have you found that have helped you become a successful Avon Representative?

Successful sales, recruiting and leadership tactics that Megan likes to use:

  • Social Media – Megan thinks social media is a great resource to promote all aspects of her Avon business. She has had a great response promoting her Avon business on Facebook.
  • Avon Flyers – Megan utilizes a lot of flyers when handing out her Avon brochures. She likes to come up with creative ways to keep her customers coming back, as well as attract new customers. Some of her Avon promotions include: 1st time customers get 20% off their order, customers that order 3 campaigns in a row get 10% off their 4th campaign order, and when customers refer friends…they both receive 10% off their orders.
  • Avon Recruiting and Team Building – Megan likes to promote the Avon opportunity by talking about the success she is having with her Avon business, as well as point out all Avon has to offer. As for team building, Megan is constantly following up with her team members, forwarding helpful tips, giving ideas that have worked for her and ways to improve.

Megan has already started her own Avon team and can’t wait to build a successful Avon team. She thinks of her team members as partners, not so much as “being on her team.” She is looking for new Avon Representatives to partner with and work together with the same goal in mind…to run a successful Avon business.  In 2015, Megan plans on focusing primarily on growing a big team. She is excited to continue her journey in leadership with this amazing company and would love for you to be a part of it!

To become an Avon Representative on Megan’s team, follow these 2 steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter Avon Representative Reference Code: MCURD

Click here to sign up now to sell Avon – use reference code: MCURD.

Signing up to Sell Avon Online is as easy as 1-2-3! To Become an Avon Representative Online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Avon Reference CodeESEAGREN
  3. You will then be assigned an account number and have access to your new online Avon Representative account!

When you Sign up to Sell Avon Online, you will receive your Avon starter kit in the mail about 3 – 5 business days after you are appointed. Once you are a member of my Avon team, I will send you a welcome email and you will begin receiving other important updates from me including campaign updates, Avon selling tips, and recognition reports!

Click here to sign up to sell Avon – use reference code: ESEAGREN.

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