Sell Avon

Sell Avon

Avon is a direct sales company that has been around for over 125 years. When you Sell Avon, you don’t have to explain what you’re selling with a brand known around the world. Whether you are looking for supplemental income or full-time earnings, you can build your Avon business as big as you want.

How to Sell Avon

How to Sell Avon: Start Selling Avon to set your own hours and be your own boss. For only $15, you can start your own Avon business by following these 3 steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Enter Avon Reference Code: ESEAGREN and click continue.
    3. Fill out the online form, agree to the terms & conditions of becoming an Independent Avon Sales Representative, and pay your $15 appointment fee.

You will then be assigned an Avon account number so that you can start your online training and find out How to Sell Avon Successfully.

Click here to sign up to sell Avon online now on my team – use reference code: ESEAGREN.

Sell Avon Online

Sell Avon Online: When you Become an Avon Representative Online, one of the first steps you’ll take to get your business off the ground is set up your personal Avon website. You can choose to Sell Avon Online in addition to your traditional Avon business or you can choose to Sell Avon Online Only. With the social media tools Avon provides, you can promote your Avon website on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and many more social media outlets. With direct delivery online orders, you can make up to 25% commission and orders are shipped directly to your e-customers from Avon.

How to Sell Avon Online

How to Sell Avon Online: Building a solid online business takes time. I would recommend when you are first starting out that you put effort into gaining traditional customers through your social networks in addition to promoting your online business. Be sure to list your Avon website on all materials you hand out to potential customers including your business card and brochures. Take time to write blog posts on your Avon website about product offerings, new catalogs, sales, and recruiting. Also it’s a good idea to set up Avon specific social media profiles and get into a daily social media routine promoting your online business.

How old do you have to be to Sell Avon?

How old do you have to be to Sell Avon? You need to be 18 years or older to Sell Avon or mark products.

Sell Avon Products

Sell Avon Products: Selling Avon Products is exciting! Here’s why: 1) every 2 weeks, new products are introduced, 2) Avon has a wide variety at an affordable price so there’s something for everyone, 3) Avon offers great incentives and earnings opportunities to keep you motivated and always wanting to sell more.

How much does it Cost to Sell Avon?

How much does it Cost to Sell Avon? It only costs $15 to start your own Avon business. Whether you Sign up to Sell Avon Online or in-person, the cost is the same and you’ll receive the same kit. Your starter kit includes 20 Avon brochures, 5 mark magalogs, samples, and training materials.

I Want to Sell Avon – How do I Sell Avon?

I Want to Sell Avon: So you’ve read through this post and decided you want to Sell Avon. You can sign up online to be on our team by going to and entering reference code: MCURD.

How to Sell Avon Successfully

How to Sell Avon Successfully: As with any small business, building a large, loyal customer base takes time. But don’t get discouraged when your first couple of campaigns aren’t huge. Stick with it, provide great customer service, be consistent, and try new things. I believe part of marketing is taking risks to see what works and what doesn’t. Always order brochures and samples to hand out to your customers. Read about the products and familiarize yourself with the “hot” sales in each campaign. Set realistic goals and take time to plan steps to achieve your goals.

Sell Avon from Home

Sell Avon from Home: I started Selling Avon right after I had my first child because I wanted more flexibility with my job and the ability to set my own hours. What I love most about Avon is I can build my business at my own pace and the earning opportunities are limitless. The fact that I know the harder I work, the more money I make is always a huge motivator for me. It’s also great knowing I can Sell Avon from Home, over the phone, online, or at a fair. I absolutely love the flexibility of my Avon business!

Sign up to Sell Avon Online

Sign up to Sell Avon Online: As I mentioned before, you can Sign up to Sell Avon Online or in person. Either way it only costs $15. To sign up online to join my team in the United States, go to and enter reference code: SPAPAIAN.

Can Men Sell Avon?

Can Men Sell Avon? Absolutely! I have a few men on my team and in fact, one of the top sellers of my team is an “Avon man.” Couples can sell together as a team, men can sell Avon, and so can women.

Sell Avon Online Only – Can you Sell Avon Online?

Sell Avon Online Only: If for one reason or another, you only want to sell Avon online then so be it. You can set up your Avon website almost immediately after signing up to Become an Avon Representative and promote it all over the Web. You can’t use online auctions to sell Avon products but you can promote your Avon website to customers all over the United States.

How to Sell Avon Products – How do you Sell Avon?

How to Sell Avon Products: Once you are an Avon Representative, you can use your creativity to sell Avon. Sign up to be a vendor at craft fairs, take catalogs to local businesses, sell online, host home parties, and more. You can even contact non-profit organizations to set up Avon fundraisers with you. Use your imagination and try different sales tactics to see what works best for you and your Avon business. To sign up online, go to and enter reference code: SPAPAIAN

Sell Avon on Facebook

Sell Avon on Facebook: If you are already an Avon Representative and are looking for Avon selling tips, here are some articles you may find helpful:

Sell Avon or Mary Kay?

Sell Avon or Mary Kay? I have never sold Mary Kay or know much about the products or company. I can tell you a lot about Avon. One of the biggest advantages of selling Avon is the low start-up fee (only $15). I would recommend you take the time to research both companies and see which is a better fit for you.

Signing up to Sell Avon Online is as easy as 1-2-3! To Become an Avon Representative Online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Avon Reference CodeESEAGREN
  3. You will then be assigned an account number and have access to your new online Avon Representative account!

When you Sign up to Sell Avon Online, you will receive your Avon starter kit in the mail about 3 – 5 business days after you are appointed. Once you are a member of my Avon team, I will send you a welcome email and you will begin receiving other important updates from me including campaign updates, Avon selling tips, and recognition reports!

Click here to sign up to sell Avon – use reference code: ESEAGREN.

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