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Why I love Pinterest for Selling Avon Online! Did you know Pinterest has 72.8 million users and 85% of total Pinterest users are female (source: So it is a perfect social media website to promote your Avon business since women are our target audience. Watch the video below and check out my quick Avon Tips for Representatives under the video for marketing your Avon business on Pinterest. Feel free to check out my Pinterest page for ideas! Avon Rep, Emily on Pinterest

Avon Tips to Sell Avon Online – Pinterest

As of May 2015, I have 461 boards, 16,350 pins, and 5,427 followers on Pinterest. The idea with all of the various social media sites is to constantly have activity. The more active you are on your Pinterest page, the higher you will rank in the search engines like Google and Yahoo!

  • If you are setting up a new Pinterest account, I suggest choosing the business account. The business account will give you helpful statistics and insight into your viewer audience. If you already have a personal account and want to keep everything together on one page, you can convert your personal account into a business account.
  • To verify your website on Pinterest, you will need to use a website other than your Avon website. I used my blog to verify my Pinterest account.
  • Use the Pinterest share button on each product page from your Avon eStore to share specific products from your Avon eStore that will take visitors directly to your personal Avon website as opposed to the generic
  • Pin new images from your Social Media Center every campaign. To find your Social Media Center on, go to your web office – click on Social Media Center either from the pink squares or from the link – go through steps 1 – 5 then share new featured posts and featured videos.
  • Create new boards for different Avon product categories and Avon topics. Don’t just create one board that says “Avon.” That board will never show up in the search engines. Be specific and give your boards titles that people would use to search the Internet.
  • Connect with other Avon Representatives and contacts on Pinterest. There is nothing wrong with making a connection with another Avon Rep on social media. As long as you don’t re-pin their posts and send customers to their website, there is no harm in networking online. Like I said, the more activity you have on social media…the better.
  • Re-pin your own pins. When you pin something like an Avon Glimmerstick, think about the different ways someone might search for eye liner. Someone might look up Avon Eye Liner, Avon Eye Pencil, Avon Glimmersticks, etc. It would fit in all of those categories…right? So make boards for the similar product categories but get more specific as you create additional boards and re-pin your own pins.
  • Follow Avon Insider on Pinterest. They have neat pics on there that you might not find anywhere else. It’s definitely okay to re-pin from Avon. Just make sure you include your website address in the description when you pin it on your boards.
  • Pin new products. Every Avon Campaign, there are new products introduced. This can keep you busy for hours. I don’t want to hear “there’s nothing to pin for Avon.” LOL There are thousands of products on our website to pin on Pinterest boards and new products added every 2 weeks!
  • Keep it simple. Keep your descriptions short and sweet. Be sure to always include your website address and check to make sure your pins are pointing to your own website. Be active and have fun with it!



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