Sell Avon Online Part 2: Tracking your Performance

One of the first steps in selling Avon online and building an online Avon business is putting the tools in place to be able to track your performance. Watch this video to learn how to track website visitors by installing Google Analytics and StatCounter on your Avon website. Learn other ways to measure how successful your Avon business has become over time.

Selling Avon Online – Tracking Website Visitors, Sales, and Leadership

This video will cover:

  • How to Install the StatCounter Visitor Tracker to Track Number of Website Visitors on your Avon Website
  • How to Install Google Analytics on your Avon Website to Track More Detailed Information on your Website Visitors
  • A Closer Look at Some Helpful Reports in Google Analytics on how to Improve your Online Marketing Efforts
  • Track your Avon Sales, Leadership Stats, and Online Sales to Keep your Avon Business on the Road to Success

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