Are you Making More Money Every Year as an Avon Representative?

Are you Making More Money Every Year as an Avon Representative?

If you’ve watched any of my other videos or read some of my blog posts on tracking performance, you know how important I feel it is to track your progress in your Avon business. The only person you need to be comparing yourself to is you! If you are always improving and increasing over your own personal sales, your online sales, and your team sales from prior years…you are ensuring that you give yourself a raise every year. One of the most beautiful benefits of being your own boss with Avon is you determine the size of your paycheck and how much money you bring home. The more efficient you become at running a successful direct sales business as an Avon Representative, the larger your paycheck will get over time. Here is an Excel comparison spreadsheet for you to use in your own Avon business to track your progress in online sales, personal sales, and leadership on a campaign, monthly, and yearly basis.

Emily Seagren’s Avon Performance Tracking Comparison Spreadsheet 

Watch this video to see how I use the above spreadsheet to track 3 key areas of my Avon business and make sure I am making more money every year as an Avon Representative!

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Selling Avon Products

When you Become an Avon Representative Online, it is up to you how much money you want to make. Selling Avon ProductsYou can make the most money Selling Avon Products when you take advantage of all areas of the business: 1) face-to-face sales, 2) online marketing (Selling Avon Products Online and finding new team members online), and 3) building your own team (continuously adding new Avon Representatives to your team and being a team leader). The longer you sell Avon and focus on growth, the bigger your Avon business will become…I encourage all of my team members to sell at a minimum level of President’s Club, consistently promote their online Avon store, and at least earn the first level of Avon leadership before deciding whether Avon will be profitable for them or not. Many will complain that they never made any money but it is up to you to become a successful Avon Representative. If you put in the hard work, improve your business every year, provide good service, and focus on growth…you will succeed.

How much Money do you make Selling Avon Products?

As an Avon representative, you will earn 0 – 50% commission on your Avon orders based on size. You will earn 20% on fixed earnings products (any product in the Avon Catalog with four diamonds in front of its description). The better you know the different levels of earnings, the better chance you have of making more money. Because you are an Independent Avon Sales Representative, Avon does not send you a paycheck. You collect payment from your customers, submit their orders, and Avon will bill you for the cost of the Avon products. The amount left over is your profit to keep. As I mentioned earlier, you will have the best opportunity at being a successful Avon Representative, when you take advantage of the various ways to earn with Avon. See the Avon Earnings Chart below:

$0 – $49.99: 0%
$50 – $149.99: 20%
$150 – $294.99: 30%
$295 – $439.99: 35%
$440 – $924.99: 40%
$925 – $1574.99: 45%
$1575+: 50%

Selling Avon Products from Home

One of the features I love best about my Avon business is, “I can work it when I want and how I want.” I love the flexibility of being my own boss, having the option to stay at home with my kids, and put my priorities of being a mom before being a business owner. I can work my Avon schedule around my family schedule. It may mean some late nights and funky hours but I have learned to embrace my schedule for the beautiful opportunity it has given me to be able to work plus be at home with my kids when they are little.

Another bonus for Avon being so flexible is…you decide how you want to build your business. If you are great at talking to strangers when you’re out and about…you may do best through catalog sales and building a team with leadership. If you like home parties, you can talk to groups of people to find potential new customers and new team members at an Avon home party. If you enjoy craft fairs and setting up booths, maybe events will be your specialty. I have found my niche in Avon with my online marketing skills. I have found many of my customers by Selling Avon Products Online through my representative website and many of my Avon representative team members through online recruiting posts. Figure out what works best for you, what you’re good at, and own it!

How to Start Selling Avon Products

Signing up to Sell Avon Online is as easy as 1-2-3! To Become an Avon Representative Online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Avon Reference CodeESEAGREN
  3. You will then be assigned an account number and have access to your new online Avon Representative account!

When you Sign up to Sell Avon Online, you will receive your Avon starter kit in the mail about 3 – 5 business days after you are appointed. Once you are a member of my Avon team, I will send you a welcome email and you will begin receiving other important updates from me including campaign updates, Avon selling tips, and recognition reports!

Click here to sign up to sell Avon – use reference code: ESEAGREN.

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Avon Team Momentum Campaign 18 Top Leaders and Top Sellers

Avon Campaign 18 2014Below is a copy of my leadership newsletter for my Avon team for campaign 18 2014. To become an Avon Representative on Avon Team Momentum, please visit Enter Avon Representative Reference Code: ESEAGREN. Only $15 to start!

As of campaign 18, we have 1 Unit Leader and 10 Unit Leader candidates! Some of you are so close to Unit Leader…you are going to title soon! I can’t wait to celebrate with you!!! I have included you on this email because you have either started your own Avon team or you have recently sold over $200 worth of products in a campaign which makes you ready to start earning more with Avon by starting your own Avon team! 

Freedom Power of 1 Challenge

How is your “Power of 1” challenge coming? My goal is to title to Avon Executive Unit Leader by campaign 26! What is your leadership goal? To set myself up to reach EUL, I am setting a goal to add 1 more person to our team than I normally do every campaign from 19 – 26. This gives me a goal of 8 new Avon Reps per campaign which will give us 64 new team members (8 new reps multiplied by 8 more campaigns) by the end of the cycle. If you are and Avon Representative and interested in moving title by the end of 2014, join our Facebook group:
Who’s going to earn that $100 in Avon products from me by campaign 20? How is your Freedom “Power of 1” challenge coming along? Take the average number of team members you add per campaign and add 1 more person to come up with your goal. If you need help figuring out your goal, please let me know. Anyone on Team Momentum who advances in title by campaign 20 will receive $100 worth of full earnings Avon products of your choice from me after the close of C-20!!!  

Avon Recruiting Incentives

September and October are the prime months for recruiting! I’ve attached some helpful recruiting tools to help you spread the word and find new Avon team members. Be sure to ask me if you have any questions. Also if you are doing face-to-face appointments, take a selfie with your new team member and use the hashtag #myavonstory for a chance to be featured on the Avon Regional pages! 
  • Earn an Avon Logo Jacket for Free – when you earn 250 recruiting stars from campaigns 22 – 26, you will earn a black Avon logo jacket so you can share your Avon business everywhere you go! To learn more about the Star Award Program and how to take advantage, read this article:
  • Earn an Avon Logo Tablecloth for Free – when you earn 500 recruiting stars from campaigns 22 – 26, you will earn a black Avon logo table cloth to use at home parties and events! To learn more about the Star Award Program and how to take advantage, read this article:

How to Share the Avon Opportunity App from

  • A pop-up window will open with the ad. Click on the +SHARE button at the top right hand corner of the pop-up screen. Then you can pick which social media websites you want to share on. The cool part of this app is it will pre-populate with your info so if anyone is interested in signing up, the lead will go directly to you! For tips on marketing your Avon business online, read this article:
  • Remember all reps can now recruit online so you don’t have to already have a team member to sign people up nationwide. Make sure all of your team members know this – remind, remind, remind! The opportunities here for all of us are huge!!! For tips on marketing your Avon business online, read this article:  

Business Booster Tip: When passing out Avon catalogs, offer your customer all 3 of these options: 1) the catalog to order from you, 2) a free shipping label on the front of your book to order online if they’d like, and 3) the Avon opportunity (I like to use the $15 recruiting bill flyer and staple it to the inside – first page of the catalog). 

Avon Top 5 Leadership Representatives based on Unit Sales on Team Momentum in Campaign 18

1. Tricia T. – Las Vegas, Nevada – $1,540 – Sell Avon Nevada

2. Leslie F. – Texarkana, Texas – $1,108 – Sell Avon Texas

3. KaSandra J. – Punta Gorda, Florida – $881 – Sell Avon Florida

4. Brittney H. – Rockford, Illinois – $412 – Sell Avon Illinois

5. Genise C. – Rockford, Illinois – $257 – Sell Avon Illinois

Who wants the “View from the Top” book? When you reach Unit Leader, I will send you your FREE copy! Your personal sales are included in your Total Unit Sales here. Remember to make Unit Leader, you need all 3 of these things to happen in the same campaign: 1) $1200 in total unit sales (including your personal sales and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd gen sales), 2) 3 1st gen orders, and 3) personal sales of at least $200. You all are so close to Unit Leader!!! Keep it up!

Avon Top 5 Leadership Representatives based on Registered Recruits (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations) on Team Momentum in Campaign 18

1. Tricia T. – Las Vegas, Nevada – 10 – Sell Avon Nevada

2. Leslie F. – Texarkana, Texas – 6 – Sell Avon Texas

3. KaSandra J. – Punta Gorda, Florida – 5 – Sell Avon Florida

4. Genise C. – Rockford, Illinois – 4 – Sell Avon Illinois

5. Brittney H. – Rockford, Illinois – 4 – Sell Avon Illinois

Yahoo…keep recruiting and building your team! In order for your registered recruits to count as successful reps, they must place a $50 order and pay for it on time. That’s why it’s super important to help your reps succeed once they sign up with you. Getting them to sign up is only half the battle!

Additions to Avon Team Momentum in Campaign 18

Congratulations Leslie Fielding and KaSandra Johnson for adding new team members to your Avon team and giving yourself a raise in campaign 18! Stay excited and keep adding new team members everyone…Christmas sales will help you reach the Total Unit Sales Volume but adding new team members will give you stability in your team!

Highlights of Upcoming 2014 Avon Campaigns

See your selling guides on for brochures Avon Campaign 20 2014, Avon Campaign 21 2014Avon Campaign 22 2014, and Avon Campaign 23 2014.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Emily Seagren

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