Emily Seagren’s 8 Avon Recruiting Tips

8 Ideas for Recruiting Avon Representatives – Online and Face-to-Face

8. Spend as much time on recruiting activities as you do sales activities. This may seem obvious but if recruiting is not part of your everyday routine, it can take some time to adjust. Whether you are out in the field or recruiting online, spend just as much of your time on recruiting as you do looking for new customers.

7. Follow established Avon Leaders. Follow these Avon Representatives to see how they have become successful and what works for them. Not everyone’s activities will have the same results but it helps to get a good grasp on what has worked for leaders who are already successful. Check out the “View from the Top” books (Vol 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3) and follow the authors. Many of them have created Facebook groups to join where you can network with other Avon Representatives.

6. Offer 3 opportunities to every contact. I like to use: 1) the Avon brochure to get personal sales, 2) a brightly colored label on the front of the book with a current Avon coupon code and my website address to encourage online sales, and 3) the $15 dollar bill flyer to promote the Avon earnings opportunity.

5. When setting up social media profiles, always include info on how someone can buy from you or sign up to sell Avon on your team. Include words “Buy or Sell” with your website address so you’re always putting the idea out there that someone can purchase their Avon products from you or become an Avon Representative on your team.

4. When posting about the Avon opportunity online, make it short, simple, and to the point. Include a benefit of selling Avon like “be your own boss, work flexible hours, etc.,” how much it costs to join, and how to sign up on your team. Include 2 – 3 sentences in your social media post and be sure to make it clear how they can sign up immediately.

3. Be sure to follow Avon Products, Inc. on YouTube. There is plenty of material on their YouTube channel for you to share on social media about the benefits of being an Avon Representative. Share these videos along with your link on how followers can sign up on your team.

2. Customize your Avon website. Include your eNewsletter widget (currently has an image of the Mega Effects Mascara) and your opportunity widget (blue widget with an image including a model and words “Be-you-tiful”) to encourage online subscriptions / enrollment on your team from your website visitors.

  1. Take advantage of your Social Media Center! The Social Media Center is located on yourAvon.com under your web office. There are “ready-to-go” posts and videos there to make it super simple to share on your social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Visit your Social Media Center at least once per campaign to keep your social media profiles active with new content.

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