Earn 40% Commission in your First 12 Avon Campaigns

Avon 40% Discount Program

Have you heard the good news? Avon brought back the 40% discount program for New Representatives. When you sign up to sell Avon, you are automatically enrolled in this incentive.

When you reach the $100 sales level during each of your first 4 campaigns, you will receive a 40% discount / commission on all of your full earnings products (the exception is fixed earning products – any item in the book with a star in front of the description) including eSales. You will also receive some beauty samples every campaign (within the first 4) when you get sales of $100 or more to help you get started.

Do you want to hear even more exciting news? When you reach your $100 goal in all of your first 4 campaigns, Avon will also ship you a free product assortment valued at over $100. What more could you ask for? I would say Avon is rewarding New Representatives really well these days.

PLUS, RECEIVE A GUARANTEED 40% DISCOUNT on all qualifying face to face and e-Store sales when you reach $200 or more in Award Sales in your 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th campaign. Receive FREE BEAUTY SAMPLES and at least one FREE FULL-SIZE PRODUCT for each of those campaigns that you qualify.

Continue your success with Avon. Receive a guranteed 40% discount on all qualifying face to face and e-Store sales in your 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th campaigns when you reach award sales of $300 or more.

New Avon Representative Tips

New Avon Representative Programs 2016

  • Starter Kits – Take advantage of the New Avon Representative Starter Kits! If you purchased the Basic Starter Kit ($15 cost – a $36 value) when you signed up, you can additionally buy the Smart Value (item #:079-860 – a $35 cost – over a $125 value) or the Elite Kit (item #: 079-874 – a $100 cost – over a $350 value) within your first 5 campaigns. Each kit is filled with products and samples to give your Avon business a boost right in the beginning. Use the products yourself, as demos, or sell them! The best part is these kits count toward your award sales to help you earn in the 40% profit incentive.
  • Daily Care Collection – During your first 3 campaigns as an Avon Representative, you can sell the Daily Care Collection (item#: 724-706). This 6-piece set is designed to give your customers a sample of some of our most popular products and brands. The collection only costs your customer $19.99 (a $38 value). Print out the Daily Care Collection flyers and see how many you can sell. Challenge yourself to sell to at least 10 customers.
    • Avon Daily Care Collection
    • Sell 1 Daily Care bundle to 3 customers and earn $11.99 (20% profit)
    • Sell 1 Daily Care bundle to 10 customers and earn $59.97 (30% profit)

Selling Avon Face-to-face Tips

  • Tell everyone you know that you sell Avon. Talk to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and other acquaintances. Try leaving brochures and product samples at places where there is high traffic: offices, grocery stores, banks, salons, gyms, etc. Be sure to ask for permission first and get follow-up contact information.
  • Talk about your favorite Avon products. Proudly wear your Avon products daily. You can show off clothing, makeup, jewelry, fragrance, and more. When someone compliments you, it opens the door to talk about your Avon business. If you don’t want to wear any of the products, get an Avon pin. It definitely helps to have first-hand knowledge of the products from trying them yourself. If you aren’t familiar with our products yet, use your Avon eStore to learn more about each product and how customers review the product.
  • Talk about to customers and potential customers everywhere. Bring catalogs with you everywhere you go. If you’re not comfortable starting up a conversation with the grocery cashier, the bank teller, or the gas station attendant, simply ask if they’d like a catalog. You’d be surprised at how many say yes. And if they say no, don’t take it personally.
  • Make sure to ask for referrals, and follow up. People are very busy nowadays. Whether it’s work, running around with the kids, or something else keeping your potential customers distracted, it always helps to give them a reminder. The fortune is in the follow up. Ask your customers if they know of anyone who would like to be serviced by an Avon Representative.

Selling Avon Online Tips

  • Additional Earnings – Remember eSales are included in your product total to help you reach that $100 order mark. Use Avon’s coupon codes and special offers as a way to entice new customers to shop with you online.
  • Boost your Total Order Size – When calculating your campaign totals, Avon will combine face-to-face sales and online sales to determine which commission level you have reached. The more ways of reaching new customers, the better.
  • Your Own Online eStore – Open for sales 24/7…your website is a great tool to help build your business. Personalize  Get customers in the habit of ordering online right from the start and your job will get easier and easier the longer you stick around.
  • #GetSocial – Social Media is a great place to network with tons of new contacts, prospective customers, and potential team members. Just like face-to-face, connect with people who you have a similar background as, a mutual friend, or perhaps someone on the same career path as you. Social Media is all about continuous activity. Always add new connections, post new photos, and update your pages often. Don’t forget to use those hashtags so your posts come up in Social Media search results.
  • Automated Emails – Turn on your Automated Email Program in the web office. As you add contacts to your customer address book over time, Avon will automatically send emails on your behalf. Don’t worry about the frequency, all contacts have the option of opting out of the Email Program at any time. Avon shares special offers to your online customers including free shipping codes, free gift with purchase offers, and discount options.

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